Date : 21-05-2021

How to Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Video is fast becoming the most popular form of media to be consumed online and is a powerful addition to any business marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of people watch videos online every day. There’s a variety of ways you can use video to increase your sales; product videos, testimonials, demonstrations, or even to tell your brand and product’s story. The possibilities are endless, and it’s not quite as daunting as it may at first seem.

Build awareness

Show your product’s solution with animated explainer videos.

An animated explainer video is a short piece that sums up the problem your service or product is targeting, the solution for it, and why the clients need your solution instead of another.

Establish yourself as the customer’s guide with educational videos.

You want to portray yourself as knowledgeable about your customers' needs. Creating educational videos is one way to do this. It also demonstrates the value your brand brings to the table.

Help them through their consideration process

Spotlight the features your offer with a product video.

Product videos are all about putting your product or service in the spotlight by displaying them in all their glory.

Subtly advertise your product with how-to videos.

How-to videos teach people how to accomplish a task. The goal is to educate viewers while promoting your brand and establishing yourself as an authority on the topic (in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising).

Help them to make the right decision

Increase your audience’s trust with testimonial videos.

Regardless of how good your product is, customers are going to take anything you say about it with a pinch of salt. Like a parent singing praises about their kid’s talents, you can’t sound unbiased!

Remove your customers’ doubts with FAQ videos.

FAQ's should be a compilation of the most frequent questions people have about your product. You’ll want to answer questions like how does your product stay fresh, and how long does it last?

Other ways to use video

Leverage videos for your outreach email campaigns

Cold email outreach has substantially low opening rates, with the average opening rates being 21.33%

The low opening rates result from buyers not knowing who you are or probably your email failing to tackle the customer problem. Other times is failing to personalise your emails to look different from others in the customers’ inbox.

Adding a video to your emails can quickly increase your click-through rates by over four times. With your face on a video, it creates some element of human connection which most prospects would look for in an outreach email. 

Share a success story, or milestone reached

One of the best techniques in selling is showing social proof. Consumers can easily buy your product when they see others using it. While there are many ways of delivering social proof, video sticks out as the best as it captures emotions and reflections better. 

When you have a success story to tell, achievements to share, or a case study to help connect with your customers, use videos to convey your message. 

Share a post-sale ‘Thank you’ video via email 

Thank you emails sent after a customer has purchased a product has many advantages. They help build trust, improve referral, upsell or cross-sell, and upgrades. 

Rather than delivering them through written text messages, would it be better to express gratitude via video to capture all the emotion and joy that would further generate more reviews and improve credibility? 

Add an appreciation video to your thank you notes showing what you are thankful for and the impact of your supporters.

Here’s an example of an email by The Salty Donut.

Videos that tell a story

You can also use your videos to tell your story or the story of the product. These kinds of video really resonate with audiences. Today’s shopper is increasingly conscious about where products are from. How they’re manufactured, the materials they’re made from, workforce welfare, ethical sourcing of items – are really appealing topics to include in any product story video. The same applies if you’re considering a brand story. Highlight what drives your brand, the who, how, what and why you’re doing what you do. People are increasingly drawn to shopping with companies that have strong mission statements and are involved with social and environmental causes.