Date : 30-11-2020

The Power of Video Marketing for your Business

It is common knowledge that videos are a more preferred way of communication than the rest of the marketing techniques. Sure textual based content has its own worth, but the way video marketing is progressing - it will soon change the face of business outreach. 

One of the most effective video marketing strategies is to widen your audience reach on social media. Facebook, in particular, showcases a remarkable 59% more engagement for videos than the rest of the post types. The year before, it was 81%. So it is safe to say that videos are the most effective way to create knowledgeable content or to promote your branding on the internet.

Easy to Share

If you create a fun, exciting, and informative video, viewers will not resist but to click that "Like" button and share it around their circle. Depending on the privacy they have, those people who see the shared video will more likely interact with this as well.

This creates a chain of events that make a video go viral. So the main highlight of this point is that creating a versatile and likable video leads to more shares on social media.

Extended Accessibility

Videos are not limited to a certain platform. They are highly accessible and versatile in terms of their ergonomic usage. For example, you can easily embed a Facebook or a YouTube video on your website. Using this way, you will get benefits from both your website and the social media platform.

Billions of Potential viewership

Video content offers more engagement and viewership, compared to the rest of the content marketing strategy. That's a very bold claim to make, right? Let’s just check some statistics.

Take Facebook, for example, the social media giant has received at least 59% more engagement than the rest of the post types. On the contrary, the rest include blogs, links, and images. YouTube on the other side, has 2 billion logged-in monthly users. That's more than the population of Bangladesh which is the 8th highest in the world.

Increased Conversion and Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness through video lets you connect with other major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. People are more likely to check your video, rather than reading a textual based sales copy.

Facebook has an "auto-play" feature that automatically plays a video when a person is scrolling down from its Feed. On average, a Facebook video watch time ranges from 3-20 seconds.

If your video happens to be on your audience feed, they will automatically watch it. You can follow this approach to engage your visitors in the first 5-10 seconds of the video. This ultimately leads to more engagement that turns into more customers.

Build a Relationship

Videos can help showcase the human side. Instead of conveying them through words, you can directly interact with them. Use videos to build a strong relationship with your audience. Your audience should feel confident in your brand when it comes to the purchasing

In short, Video marketing is the way of the future. If you're not using this to promote your products online, you're limiting your marketing effort to a much narrower path. Invest in this and you will see a significant change.