Yes you can leave written messages there is a drop box which allows you to write messages when you upload your media.
Unfortunately due to copyright compliance you can only choose a track from our library we are working on getting more music variety.
As the creator of the account you will be able to see who has submitted. You will receive an email notifying you when someone has submitted media.
No there is no time limit you can upload as many videos and photos depending on the package you have purchased (we recommend keeping your personal recordings no longer then a couple of minutes) Upload times do vary on the size of file and strength of your WIFI.
As the creator of the video you choose who you wish to share the video with.
Starting your Me2uVideos can take a minute, Submitting videos 1-3 minutes, Receiving all the videos and photos depends on how fast your friends and family respond (usually this can take a couple of days)
Yes the link is downloadable
Yes we can do the filming for you, we provide a filming and editing service and travel throughout the UK